Alpena & Raposeira Ruins

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It is an easy 4 Quad tour, ideal for your first amazing experience with friends or family. We will visit two forts belonging to the Portuguese Army, built in the last years of the XIX century. Although severely degraded, both monuments reveal us important information on the defence of Lisbon and its coast.

While visiting these forts, we have an excellent perspective of Costa da Caparica Fossil Cliff, the beaches, the Bugio Fort, the mouth of Tagus River, Serra de Sintra and of Lisbon southern coast.

Our 4Quad Alpena & Raposeira tour offers breathtaking views and strong emotions.

You will drive a 550cc ATV that is the perfect vehicle for our tours thanks to its easy handling.


What to expect from this tour (2 horas)

Limited to 5 quads (4 plus the one of the guide), this 4Quad tour at Costa da Caparica assures personalized attention and maximal safety of all participants.
The tour goes along allowed places, assuring environmental protection and the safety of third parties. Furthermore, only a small part of this tour takes place in a national road.

Join us!

As each vehicle is suitable for 2 persons, you may challenge your partner, friend, son or any other person, to come along and enjoy a wonderful time in nature.
Costa da Caparica is the perfect spot for active tourism activities and it allows you to enjoy the feeling of arriving to the beach, driving an ATV.
Use your summer holidays or your weekend to enjoy nature and experience a memorable activity.

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    Leaving Costa da Caparica

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    Alpena Ruins

    Alpena is an old military unit of the Portuguese Army.

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Important information on our 4Quad tours at Costa da Caparica

  • Number of vehicles: Maximum 5 quads (4 plus the one of the guide);
  • Number of participants: Maximum of 2 persons per vehicle;
  • How long: 2h.
  • Starting Point: Costa da Caparica
  • Arriving Point: Costa da Caparica

Right of Refusal

Every time a participant endangers safety, does not follow traffic rules or drives dangerously, he will be warned. If the warning is ignored and the bad behaviour continues, the contract will be cancelled.


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Alpena & Raposeira Ruins
Ana Silva, Portugal – 2019-08-01

Uma experiência fantástica! Valer a pena juntar toda a familia.