Land & Hills of Costa da Caparica

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This experience along Costa da Caparica trails, depending on the weather conditions, may include sand dunes, mud pits, dry sand trails and even some small hills. For sure, we will have some stops to enjoy amazing landscapes.

The tour Land & Hills of Costa da Caparica takes us through a fossil cliff from the Pliocene Period, around 10 million years ago. This cliff has several layers of sedimentary rocks and is one of the most important European exemples of its kind.

Either you already know Costa da Caparica or it is your first time around, you will discover a new world, unknown until now.

All our 4Quad trails at Costa da Caparica are suitable for beginners and families. An experienced guide will be always with you so you may safely enjoy the experience.


What to expect from this tour (2 horas)

As all our other tours, this 4Quad trail at Costa da Caparica offers personalized attention and maximum safety to all participants, as it only has 5 quads (4 plus the one of the guide).

This tour takes place in allowed spots, assuring the safety of people and the environment. Only a small part takes place in a national route.

Join us and enjoy this activity in nature that will make you fall in love with Costa da Caparica. You may share this experience with your friends or family as each vehicle is suitable for 2 persons.

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    Leaving Costa da Caparica

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Important information on our 4Quad tours at Costa da Caparica

  • Number of vehicles: Maximum 5 quads (4 plus the one of the guide);
  • Number of participants: Maximum of 2 persons per vehicle;
  • How long: 2h.
  • Starting Point: Costa da Caparica
  • Arriving Point: Costa da Caparica

Right of Refusal

Every time a participant endangers safety, does not follow traffic rules or drives dangerously, he will be warned. If the warning is ignored and the bad behaviour continues, the contract will be cancelled.