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If you would like to experience a true off-road and private adventure with your friends or family and would like to enjoy the amazing nature on the way to a beach, this is the perfect 4Quad tour for you.

After enjoying amazing trails, nature and the adrenaline of the dunes is there a better way to end your experience than relaxing on an exclusive lounge chair at the beach?


What to expect from this tour (2 horas)

For having only 5 quads (4 plus the one of the guide), our 4Quad tour for groups assures personalized attention and the maximum safety of all participants.

The tour proceeds along allowed places, assuring environmental protection and the safety of all people. Only a small part of the tour takes place on national route.

Gather your friends or family and join us on a gateway in nature, enjoying an experience you will never forget. Costa da Caparica is the perfect spot to enjoy active tourism activities, offering you an amazing beach at the end of the tour.

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    Leaving Costa da Caparica

Important information on our 4Quad tours at Costa da Caparica

  • Number of vehicles: Maximum 5 quads (4 plus the one of the guide);
  • Number of participants: Maximum of 2 persons per vehicle;
  • How long: 2h.
  • Starting Point: Costa da Caparica
  • Arriving Point: Costa da Caparica

Right of Refusal

Every time a participant endangers safety, does not follow traffic rules or drives dangerously, he will be warned. If the warning is ignored and the bad behaviour continues, the contract will be cancelled.